About Us
Since inception in 1985, KS Composites has continually evolved to become a leading global force in composite and GRP development and manufacture as a company we actively seek new technology and solutions, ensuring constant dynamic improvements to keep up with ever changing R&D.

Originally working primarily in the historic motorsports sector, we built a strong reputation as the UK's leading fabricator, renovator and repairer of GRP body work. From the manufacture of GT40's through to the restoration of Le Mans winning Silk Cut Jaguars, consistent quality meant an ever growing and loyal client base.

Swiftly embracing new composites technology, we moved into many new and ambitious projects. With an open mind and eagerness to learn, a rapid ascent of a steep learning curve saw us building entire GT and LMP cars, all in house.

An understanding of the importance of detail to our clients and the specific time pressure that often accompany this, we are entirely comfortable taking requirements driven out of wind tunnel development through to delivery of finished articles within a matter of days.

With our natural inclination to look for challenging and demanding work, the business has continually found success in a wide array of projects away from motorsport. Whether it's the development of new lightweight wind turbines, the production of super efficient alternative energy vehicles, the unique demands of the aviation and military industries, we approach all requirements with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

Our facilities continually evolve, already comprising state of the art machine room, we are able to develop patterns and tooling through to completion of the finished article. Our stores and clean rooms are fully temperature controlled, along with separate trimming, fitting and bonding shops and a separate dedicated GRP shop. A commitment to quality throughout means that we can offer full traceability of materials along with final QA with full reporting from mobile CMM arm.

Having formed many close relationships with some of the leading lights in design and consultancy through prototype and development projects, we are now able to offer design services, FEA, CFD and wind tunnel analysis.

A shared vision and passion across the business means we enjoy incredibly low attrition, many staff having been here since the birth of the company and consequently giving us unparalleled levels of experience in the industry.


4 Hickling Lane
Long Clawson
Melton Mowbray
LE14 4NW
England, United Kingdom

E-mail: info@kscomposites.com
Telephone: 01664 823111
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